Monday, July 9, 2012

A Chance at Life

Tomorrow (Tuesday, July 10th) at around 8 a.m. China time (8 p.m. Monday EST time), this precious baby boy will be undergoing open heart surgery.

I met him last month during our orphanage trip. This little guy has probably never been out of the orphanage, never seen foreigners until we showed up, and doesn’t have long to live unless he undergoes this surgery.

A few weeks back, you may have heard me mention that we had not one, but two children who we were in the process of bringing to us, pass away before they could come. And so, when we heard about this little pumpkin, we quickly moved ahead to help him.

We are excited to be able to give this little one

a chance at life.

The opportunity to have a future and a hope (Jer.29:11). I feel that his life is going to be another miracle. Actually… it already is a miracle.

Will you lift this little one up as he has his heart surgery tomorrow?


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