Monday, April 2, 2012

First Day of Preschool

When I was in China in 2010, one of my main roles in the foster home in northern China where I was serving was to help teach preschool. I wasn’t expecting this going into my time there but it was a joy and a learning experience! Imagine trying to teach a lesson to a classroom full of 15 children who do NOT speak English! It definitely had it’s challenges!

One of my first roles here in southern China, was to begin a preschool with our older children. Although I was a bit nervous (I’ve never STARTED a preschool before!), I was up for the challenge. Lesson planning is definitely something new for me since contrary to popular belief, my degree is NOT in education (but rather Sociology).

We had our first class yesterday. We don’t exactly have a preschool room so we hung out in the office for about an hour (which wasn’t too bad for the first day!). Our lesson was on the color RED and after working on puzzles, flashcards, and singing, my two lovely students colored an apple.

What little artists I have!

This time is going to be very good for my little kiddos. Since they don’t need as much assistance as the babies, they often get overlooked.

They felt very special that they got their very own special time.



  1. I love the school uniforms btw (wink!)
    Was that really coincidence or are you really THAT organized?! WOW! I bet they will be looking forward to their "big-kid" time with you!! Can't wait to see more of their artwork as they bud and bloom in your care!

  2. Anneli,

    Let me see if I can get you some of our Pre-K (ish) resources.

    Speak soon!


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