Thursday, March 22, 2012

“We Can’t Change the Channel”

Through my experience of living in China, I had the opportunity to witness miracle and after miracle. Our foster home would take in children with severe medical conditions, the most common probably was a heart defect. These heart conditions would range from routine surgeries to extremely complicated surgeries. Sometimes God would work miracles, other times He would choose not too.

Also while living in China, I had the opportunity to meet amazing people. One of those is Hannah, who has become a very dear friend of mine. And although I haven’t met her in person (yet!), Lindsay, and I have also connected due to our love of China and for this amazing organization we are both a part of.

These two young women have taken on a huge task.






Two precious children need a life changing heart surgery, Without it, chances of survival are slim. These women are raising money for the heart surgeries of these precious children in memory of Paige and Liu Yi. Combined, their surgeries will cost $14,000 USD. They money is being raised in memory of these two precious girls who had serious heart conditions and did not make it. You can read more about it at their website:

Watch Lindsay’s touching story of Liu Yi. You’ll need tissues for this one!

As Lindsay quotes:

“I've heard many times, "You can't save them all." But that should never be an excuse for not helping the one person God puts on front of you. Because that's how miracles happen.”

Will you be a part of a miracle? On information of how you can give, check out their blog at:



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