Saturday, March 24, 2012


Trust is something that takes time and has to be earned. For months I’ve been gazing at pictures of these precious children and wondering about their little personalities and I just couldn’t wait to scoop them up and love on them.
But these kids have been through a lot and trust does not always come easily for them. They were first abandoned by their birth parents for whatever reason which is unknown to us. They were then brought to an orphanage where they may have been for a while before we were called due to the severity of their medical condition. Under our care is the best place for them to be until they join their forever families, but it is still a lot of changes for a child who just turned 2 years old.

I’m always drawn to the kids who are quieter and more reserved. Maybe it’s because they remind me of how I was as a child. Not just running into anyone’s arms but “scoping out the situation.” I would take my time to get to know someone before I trusted them with my life. This would especially be true if I had gone through so much in my short life.
This little cutie stole my heart from the instant I saw her picture when she first arrived at the foster home back before I had any idea that I’d be coming to China and have the opportunity to get to know her and love her in person.
From the moment she met me, she wasn’t so sure. She would keep her distance and I just knew the wheels were turning in the pretty little head of hers. Trying to decide if I was okay to trust or if I would leave her like so many people in her life had. Slowly day by day, her beautiful smile began to come out. She would giggle and laugh at me from a distance, and eventually would come closer and closer.

Finally today (the 6th day of this), we had a breakthrough. We had a team from Hong Kong in visiting and there were LOTS of people around that she did not know. She came right up to me and asked me to pick her up. Apparently with all these new strangers around, she decided I wasn’t so bad.
This little one has my heart. Not quite sure how she got it so quickly but she got it.

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