Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Closer–China Update

What is the latest China update? I’m leaving March 13th!!! Haven’t bought my plane ticket yet (I don’t know, guess there’s something “definite” about me buying it), but that is my tentative departure date. After playing with the dates over and over (because there is a $2,000 difference leaving one day compared to the next), this was the best dates I could come up with. So I will be flying to New York City from Buffalo and then to Beijing where I will arrive on my 26th birthday. : )  Happy Birthday to me. Figured what better way to begin my 26th year than landing in the country where God has been calling me for so long? I will then stay there for a few days visiting friends and some very special kids that I know before flying south on March 18th.

Support raising is coming. God is so good. I am over half of my support for a year, about 56%. It’s scary buying a ticket and still needing almost $5,000, but God is good. After praying about it a lot, He is calling me to trust Him. To trust that He will provide the necessary funds I need in the next 2 months. Will you please partner with me in praying for my support? I figured it out where if I have 12 people willing to support for me $35/month, that would be enough.

Would you pray about partnering with me and the work that the Lord has called me to in China? Would you pray about supporting me for $35/month? Or even $10 - $15/month? If you are interested, please email me at: and you have an option to set up automatic withdrawals from your checking account to make it easier as well as the option of paying through Pay Pal.

Thank you for considering joining me in the journey God is calling me on!



  1. SO exciting!!! And I love that you're arriving on your birthday! :) It's hard trusting God to provide every little detail...but He is able and He will! Just surrender to His plan and bask in His glory!

  2. Hi Anneli!

    I am stepping out in faith - in a much more minute way than you are - but I want to support you for $35 dollars per month out of my Starfish Project commission money. This is a very new venture so I am trusting God to provide, but I really feel God calling me to step out in faith to do it. It will be my privilege and honor to partner with you in your work with orphans with special needs in China. It is still my hope that if it is God's will that Steve and I will be able to adopt from China one day. Please let me know where I should send my support and when I should begin sending it.



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