Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Living in the Moment God has Given

I’m terrible with goodbye’s. That became super apparent in the long distance relationship I was in. In fact, I would ruin the time I did have by continuing to think about what was to come. But that is something that God has been working on with me. I was going to say slowly, but I’m the slow one. Not God. Just took me a while to catch on. : )

As the goodbye’s kept creeping up on me this past month, I kept thinking about how far I’ve come with the Lord’s help. Yeah, they were hard, but God is so good and He got me through each and every one of them. And what I’ve learned is to cherish the times you DO have. Don’t ruin it by focusing on what’s to come since you can’t prevent it anyways. So that’s what I did. Be thankful for the time God gave us together. For the amazing friends the Lord has placed in my life and to be able to spend the last 2 years with each of them. And even though we are going different directions, it’s only temporary because we serve the same God. And even though I’m pretty sure we will see each other on earth again even if it is a ways away, we will definitely see each other Heaven. And I rest assured in knowing that!

Here are a few pictures from a few weeks ago when Rachel and I traveled down to lovely DuBois, PA to visit Laura her last weekend before departing for Africa. What can I say? Doesn’t take much to entertain us which is what I absolutely LOVE about my friends. We entertain ourselves. : )


Laura has 4-wheelers…. so fun! Don’t I look fierce?



Yeah, the pumpkin farm was for little kids, but we’re ONLY 25!



Laura’s cat, Lucy, is going to miss me SO much!



Can’t make a proper dinner without potato chunks and asparagus



Got to meet Steve & Rachel Zimmerly’s son, Nolan. Isn’t he precious?



We got tattoos from the store…. we’re pretty excited. And we love scarves.  : )


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  1. LOVE the pics...especially the one with Lucy looking a bit ticked off lol. I already miss you a ton, and we should skype soon! Even though I'm 800ish miles away, I'm still praying for you and am so excited for where God is gonna take you next:)


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