Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Different Lives

This past weekend I was in Buffalo for the Atlantic 10 conference swimming championships. Brings back good memories. The Bonnies did great, tied for 4th! Hard to believe that I’ve been done swimming competitively for 3 years. Where did the time go? As I’m watching, seems like just yesterday I was in there with them. It really hit me when one of the other swimming parents who was sitting next to me asked:

Her: “Do you go to Bonaventure?”

Me: “I used to, graduated almost 3 years ago”

Her: “Did you swim?”

Me: “yes I did”

Her: “what were your events? How did you do?”

Me: “I swam breastroke and IM. I did pretty well” (left out the part of me making olympic trials and holding 2 school records)

See? No one even remembers me. Yes, it’s a little sad, but I’ve moved on. Swimming was a great 15 years of my life but now I have new goals and passions. However it seems like another life. My “college/swimming” life is a thing of the past. I just look at how much I’ve changed and what has happened in the past 3 years. I’ve worked at Mission Meadows for awesome summers and have grown closer to God in my relationship with Him. He has challenged me and allowed my faith and trust to grow in Him. I’ve been to China and back. And I’ve met my incredible boyfriend. I mean, it’s been a pretty exciting 3 years!!! God is good and He is faithful. Do I miss swimming? Yes, I really do. Especially the competition. But I am almost 25 years old now and no sense living in the past. It’s fun to remember but life goes on. It was a fun chapter in my life but I’m SO excited to see what the Lord has in store for my future! Here are a few pictures I was reminiscing over this weekend:


                               Meghan, myself, and Tara – two of my senior roomates



                                                              Haha, I love that stroke



                                 Not sure what year this was… sophomore maybe?



                                 Jennifer (now Miranda) and I



                                 Shaun and I (he’s also matched and is now Sean)


Alexis, Laura, Anneli, Alyssa A.

                                 Oh camp and tie dye! – Alexis, Laura, myself, Aly


Anneli, Alyssa L., Sarah

                                             haha, camp games – myself, Alyssa, Sarah



     Jeff and I (did I mention I get to see him in 13 days for the first time in 14 months?!?!)



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  1. I didn't realize you were such a great swimmer... what fun memories to cherish!

    It really is crazy how only a few years can unfold so many big life-changing events, that make 36 short months seem like a LIFETIME ago! And I warn you, the older you get, the more of those moments you will experience! Even 9 short months ago (the day we returned from China on May 28th, 2010) seems like a lifetime ago!! I can't wait to see what God has in store for your future and mine!

    Now let the countdown to Jeff begin!! (so excited for you!)

    God bless! <><



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