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What a cutie!


Best buds – Vincent & Robert


My little boy

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”    - Isaiah 55:8-9

Over 6 months. That is how long I have been home from China and how long since I’ve seen this precious little boy. Vincent has one of the stories that I have shared numerous times with people about my experience in China.

I arrived in China on January 20, 2010. Vincent arrived at NDFH on January 29, 2010, so just over a week after I arrived. He was going to be celebrating his 3rd birthday on February 20th. Vincent was so sad when he arrived at ND. He had been at a previous foster home most of his life, but due to finances that foster home had to shut down, therefore he came to ND. He was sad, upset, would not eat the food because he said that “it was not his.” Every time I would see him he would cling to his nanny and just sob, it was truly heartbreaking. My heart broke for him. He had known the same thing for 3 years of his life and now it was all taken from him and this poor little boy was scared to death.

As time went on became more and more comfortable at ND and to his new surroundings. It was a miracle watching this boy turn from sadness and crying to laughter and joy. He quickly became one of my favorites as we formed a very special bond. He would giggle and just jabber away in Chinese for hours. He would love to repeat my English even though he had no idea what he was saying. Most of the children at the foster home called me “ayi” which is Chinese for “aunt.” However, Vincent learned my name and would call me “on-a-knee.” It was adorable. He was the first one in the morning to give me hugs and kisses and has the poutiest little lip. He not only would give me kisses but would give me kisses on my lips. He also thought that if he held my head really close to his face and he spoke slowly, that I would understand what he was saying. Just a precious boy, a ball of energy, and truly a blessing.

His life and story blessed me so much. His story really show how love does make a difference in the lives of these kids. It’s not just something we talk about it, I saw it with my own eyes. How the love of Christ shines through us to these kids. How miracles happen and how God is at work even in the saddest circumstances.

Vincent has been on  my heart a lot as Thanksgiving approaches. I think of all the kids I was close to while I was in China. Most of them have been adopted and will be with their forever families this Thanksgiving. However Vincent still waits. He’s waiting for his family. His family to love him and hold him and wipe the tears from his eyes. And that family will be truly blessed. Please pray for Vincent and for the family who he does not yet know. And just for how much we truly have to be thankful.

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