Thursday, April 22, 2010

Botanical Gardens

Today we went on a field trip with 30 kids to the botanical gardens in the city. Most of the kids except for the baby babies and the sick kids went to on the field trip as well as the kids who are living with foster families. We also have 30 adults go with so that we have a one to one ratio. Evan was the kid assigned to me for the day. He is 3 years old and such a good natured little boy. He sat pefectly still on my lap the whole bus ride there and was very good natured at the gardens.
Funny story though. Here is the scenario: a 3 yr. old boy who really has to go to the bathroom, Anneli and a squatty potty. I wont go into detail, we'll just say it was ummm.... interesting. Then on the way home he peed all over my leg. But other than that it was a wonderful day and he was happy the whole time. The last field trip we went on a few weeks ago, the child assigned to me wanted nothing to do with me and Evan was more than happy to be with me today. He has the sweetest smile. I decided that I would much rather have a child who wets his pants on me and is pefectly well behaved than a child who doesn't want anything to do with me and screams every time I came near them.
We ordered McDonald's for the kids for lunch and a couple of the adults went to pick it up. It took them 2 hours. Let's just say we didn't eat unil almost 2 and the kids hadn't eaten anything other than junk food and they are usually down for a nap by 1:30. We had a lot of cranky kids. Overall though it was a good day and I think the kids really enjoyed it.


  1. Evan sounds like such a sweet little boy! He is cut as a button too!

  2. I'm glad you got paired with a child that enjoyed your company this time!! ;) (Sorry about my little stinker giving you such trouble on the last trip!) These photos are cute. Looks like everyone had a nice time. Who did Khloe get paired up with? Hopefully she did better than at the strawberry gardens. LOL!

    I love your patience and sense of humor... it's a good combination paired with children... especially when you're getting peed on! ;)

    We're arriving on the 12th, so it appears I will get to meet you afterall, as I'm sure we'll be at the Foster Home on the 13th... your last day! But I'm excited that it is before you have to go, as I really wanted to meet you! :)

    See ya soon!!


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