Monday, March 29, 2010

Walk to the Lunar Market

At the foster home, they have recently been replacing all the floors, and today was the day to do the floors in the preschool room. This morning I joined Sarah and Gloria to take out everything in the room including emptying the entire cubbord with all the preschool supplies. Let's just say, it is a mess. We dumped everything into garbage bags but of course things opened so tomorrow is the fun day to put everything back together. It will definately be a project. The floor is done though and looks great and tomorrow we'll hopefully get the room back together.
Since we didn't have preschool today my day was a little different than normal. I went for a walk with the nannies and some of the children. We walked out past the foster home and ended up at the lunar market which is a market that follows the lunar calendar and is only open on certain days. Talk about being stared at. I was the only non Chinese person in the entire market, had 2 little Chinese girls in my stroller that I was pushing, and following 4 nannies with kids. Apparently "not normal." But it was fun and I'm glad that I finally made it to the lunar market.
As you can see from the above pictures Annie and Khloe were a little more enthusiastic at the beginning of the walk but were pretty warn out by the end. Aren't they precious?

1 comment:

  1. awwwhhhh, CUTENESS! :)

    Sounds like a lot of work going on at the foster home. But good to hear it is all done now and everything can be put back together now! Have a great week!


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