Friday, March 12, 2010

Drew's fingernails

I've been asked to share the story about Drew's painted fingernails, so I just thougth I'd share it with everyone. Each day from 2-3, I tutor Victoria in English (although her English is VERY good so we basically just play for an hour) and have recently started tutoring Adahlyn in English as well. Drew also comes from 2-3 to work with Jeremy on his English. Well today, I was on my own for the first half hour. When Drew arrived, Victoria, Caroline and I were painting our nails. Drew hops on Caroline's lap, takes the nail polish and in about 5 seconds had his whole hand painted with pink polish. Caroline and I kept saying "Drew, nail polish is for girls, you're a little boy." However, he didn't seem to care and proudly showed everyone his nails. These are the stories that we'll love to tell future girlfriends!   : )


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! That cracks me up! I can totally picture him sitting htere quietly painitng his nails hoping no one sees him until he is done.



  2. oh man..he'd get along so well with jakie! haha. :)

  3. hmm..probably not the best way to spell his name..but it won't let me erase it. i meant jakey!! :)


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