Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiannaman Square & Forbidden City

I promised an update from our adventures in Beijing so here it is. Sorry that it took me a few days to do. I'm in the process of uploading my pictures right now and I will post those shortly.
We started our our little adventure by having a car bring us to our hotel which was right off of Wangfujing St. We were very thankful that there was a man at the desk who spoke english and got us all checked in. Our hotel rooms were nice, definately different than American hotel rooms though. There are 2 single beds in each room so we had 2 rooms. They are very small and very hard. We also had a lovely little water dispenser for us. The bathroom was also interesting. It was this little glass room in the corner which you could not see through but you could see the outline of someone if they were in there so it could have potentially made awkward situations. : )  Another interesting thing is that the hairdryer was in the hallway.... very interesting. After dropping off our stuff we went across the street to this little coffee shop to try and find some lunch. Bad choice. They had breakfast choices and we were all in the mood for that. However, the scrambled eggs were very bland and the bacon, I'm not sure if it was bacon. It also came with mustard on it which was weird. I took a picture just to show you. Also with the language barrier, they never brought us our fruit or toast. Unsatisfied we went to the mall where we found a Starbucks and a little bakery which was DELICIOUS! All I can say is that a vanilla latte has never tasted so good in my entire life as it did on Tueday at that Starbucks. We then found the subway and took it to the stilk market which was only about 3 stops away. The subway system in Beijing is very easy to use since everything is in english as well. We did some serious shopping for about 3 hours before getting some pizza and then heading back to the hotel. Since our hotel had cable we were able to watch some of the olympics which we are unable to do in our apartment. We had it on mute since it was all in chinese and had no idea what they were saying. We had a nice evening of relaxing in our rooms.
On Wednesday we left the hotel a little after 8 a.m. and went to a cofee shop for some delicious coffee and some breakfast roll things. Very tasty. Afterwards we headed to Tiannaman square which is really just a huge square. Very neat to see though. After that we crossed the huge road by walking under it and went into Forbidden City. My Dad wasn't kidding, that place is HUGE! We ended up getting a tour guide which was very interesting as he was able to explain everything to us. I didn't remember much about Forbidden City from high school social studies other than that's where the emperors lived. It was pretty cool though. We then got some lunch at KFC before taking the subway again back to the silk market to do some more shopping. I'm done with shopping for a while although I have gotten most of my souvineers which is great. We spent about 2 hours there where I'm getting pretty good at bargaining with people if I do say so myself before finding a Pizza Hut for dinner. Trust me, after only eating chinese food, these western restaurants taste delicious although they are very different from the states. This was the nicest Pizza Hut I've ever been in I think. We then had the car pick us up from there before heading back home.
It was a fun few days and glad that we took advantage of the few days that we had off. I will post my pictures shortly.

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